How is sports betting perceived in India?

Gambling has been shrouded in stereotypes during the medieval or the recent past, however, the radical legalization drive especially after the second world war has given the industry a boost. Contrary to the popularly held belief in Europe and the US, India is on the other side of the game and even though the betting on various kinds of sports goes on, the state sees the affair as problematic. The reasons for this are numerous and one of them is the misinformation that has penetrated the community. The multi-ethnic society and the holy texts further make the situation harder as they prohibit the activity.


Most of the laws in India date back to colonial times when the country was being colonized by the British empire. Even though the country’s legislation has been successful in revoking many of the regressive laws, there is still that need reconsideration. the Public Gaming Act of 1867 bans all forms of gambling or betting in the country that can include lottery, rummy, racing, etc. The violation of law will attract a fine of 200INR or imprisonment of three months.

Cricket bettingInstances:

Even though there is a law in place to discourage people from gambling, it hasn’t achieved anything as there are various instances and events where gambling is an open affair. Take the example of its Southern province, Andhra Pradesh, where rooster fights are common on the Indian New Year. In addition to that, the festival is attended by people from various walks of life and billions of rupees are wagered. The absence of legality in betting has only encouraged unfair means of business and just in case that the industry is brought under the legislation, it can be regulated.

Cricket betting:

Cricket is not just a sport in India, but it manifests a different emotion. Millions of people are glued to their screen, even though the matches are played by different countries. Sports is a religion in the country and when the crowd is overzealous, the bet on the game is supposed to happen.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to assume that the cricket betting industry in the country is worth billions and, on every match, there is a bet. According to various independent reports, the bets wagered in India can be roughly estimated to be $40 billion thanks to the Indian Premier League. Besides that, given the history of Goa, it happens to be the only province in India where betting is a legal affair. However, the usage of mobile phone applications and platforms like Dream 11 where you can bet online, is self-evident to the reality that betting and gambling are gaining ground. Be it offline or online betting, India can serve as a rearing ground for the industry and with japan making it to the casinos, that indeed will act as a gateway for other countries to follow.

Cricket bettingConclusion:

Betting has a controversial history in the country, however, the voice for its legalization is getting stronger. Gambling and betting in a country that has more than 1 billion people will be a sight to see.

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