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Anukriti invites you to send us working papers/squibs/reviews of translated texts, dictionaries, translation softwares etc. Articles may be on any translation- related or translator-related issues. They include the following:

  • Translation theories and practice

  • Translatability (or Untranslatability)

  • The translator's competence

  • Translating cultures

  • Translation and Linguistics

  • Translation and the philosophy of language

  • India as a translation area

  • Translation in various domains (advertising, commerce, the language of science, law and administration, etc.)

  • Translation and computers (Machine translation)

  • Lexicography as an extended application of translation

  • Translation softwares

  • Articles relating translation to culture, society, literature, aesthetics, poetics, epistemology, philosophy…

Please send us your submissions in .doc (MS-Word) or .txt (Notepad or Wordpad) format as attached or pasted document to


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