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Post Graduate Diploma in Translation Studies
Block 1: Historical and Methodological Background
412.1 : Linguistics as a Scientific Study of Language Udaya Narayana Singh
412.2 : Structuralism, Saussure and Methodology (Inductive,
Deductive and Hypothetico-Deductive Methods)
Probal Dasgupta
Block 2: Phonetics and Phonology
412.3 : Phonetics Gautam Sengupta
412.4 : Phonology Dipti Misra Sharma
412.5 : Distinctive Features and the Generative Tradition P.Sailaja
Block 3: Word-level Grammar
412.6 : Morphology Debashree Chattopadhyay
412.7 : Derivational Morphology and
Theory of Word Formation
412.8 : Three Models of Grammatical
Description: IA, IP, and WP
V. Prakasam
Block 4: From Word to Sentences
412.9 : Syntax in Traditional Grammar:
Parts of Speech and Form-Classes
Hemalatha Nagarajan
412.10 : Indian Cassification: Nāma,
Ākhyāta, Upasarga & Nipāta
412.11 : Word, Phrase, Clause, Sentence Ramakant Agnihotri
412.12 : Grammatical Relations and the
Kāraka Theory; Predication, Transitivity
And Voice; Sentence- Types
B. Ramakrishna Reddy
412.13 : IC-Analysis and Parsing: Phrase
Structure Grammars and PS Rules
M. Hari Prasad
Block 5: Syntax and Semantics
412.14 : Grammatical Adequacy: Deep and
Surface Levels of Representation;
Grammatical Rules and Constraints
Probal Dasgupta
412.15 : Traditional and Structural Semantics:
Reference, Sense, Denotation; Denotative,
Connotative and Contextual Meaning
Chinmay Goswami
412.16 : Sense Relations, Semantic
Fields and Lexical Gaps
P. Madhavan
412.17 : Semantic Interpretation in Syntax P. Madhavan
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