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New Short Term Educational Courses in Translation

Institute of Translation Studies offers a good spectrum of well planned courses that seek to match the needs of translators who wish to become professional in this highly rewarding career. Covering a wide area of subjects, the courses are meant to be flexible and can accommodate various levels of students. It can also be adapted to specific needs by specific institutions and also to cope with any emerging need in the translation market.

Institute of Translation Studies has been providing translation service to various organizations and individuals for the past several years. Institute of Translation Studies has discovered the areas which the translators need to strengthen in a systematic manner. Keeping the skill development needs of the translators, Institute of Translation Studies has developed the course materials over the years.

The courses aim at building the rudimentary skills of translation including vocabulary building, colloquial expressions, using dictionaries, solving problems in translation, cohesion and coherence, culture in translation, and language varieties.

We are very keen to contribute to those efforts that are being exerted to bridge the wide gap between world academia ant world translation.

Our courses are planned so as to incorporate all levels of translation demanded by the translation market to ensure the graduation of well trained and qualified translators.

We request all translators to make use of these courses and improve their skills.

National Registry of Translators

Institute of translation studies proposes to create a National registry of translators Such a registry would help in integrating all the translators and bring them all to a common platform. Such a common platform has been a felt need for a long time. The absence of a common platform among the translators even at a regional level has been the cause for translation industry not getting the due recognition it deserves.

The registry of translators would have the details of the translators, translation agencies and others along with their achievements and recognitions received. It will also serve as a starting point for creating a national data base of translation industry.

No doubt, several translation portals like translatorscafe.com, proz.com and others have already created a data base of translators of the world. However, not many Indian translators have volunteered to register in them owing to the following reasons:

  1. The portal is open to translators who are conversant with computers and CAT (computer assisted translation) Tools.
  2. The portals are open to the translators who are willing to translation jobs through theses portals.
  3. The translators who are willing to take up translation jobs are also required to send in their bids for every job.
  4. Most of such jobs come with strict deadline restrictions.
  5. These portals are more suited to youngsters rather than old timers.

In contrast to the above, the National registry of translators does not propose to restrict the registration of translators on the ground of age, qualifications, experience, competence, computer literacy, ect ; The registration is open to all translators, translation agencies and other who are active in this field.

The Institute proposes to publish the Registry in a suitable format (website, CD, Book etc) in due course. Such a publication would be widely circulated for the benefit of all those involved in the industry.




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