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The Central Institute of Indian Languages was set up on the 17th July, 1969 with a view to assisting and co-ordinating the development of Indian Languages. The Institute was charged with the responsibility of serving as a nucleus to bring together all the research and literary out-put from the various linguistic streams to a common head and narrowing the gap between basic research and development research in the fields of languages and linguistics in india.
The Institute and its four regional centres are thus engaged in research and teaching which lead to the publication of a wide ranging variety of materials. Materials designed for teaching/learning at different levels and suited to specific needs is one of the major areas of interest in its series of publications. Basic research relating to the acquisition of language and study of language in its manifold psychosocial relations constitute another broad range of its interest. These materials will include materials produced by the members of the staff of the Central Institute of Indian Languges and its Regional Language Centres and associated scholars from Universities and Institutions both Indian and foreign.
The Central Institue of Indian Languages has initiated the Pictorial Glossary Series in Indian Languges which add visual cues to printed words. Designed for a wide ranging audience, it aims at improving both reading and comprehension. This glossary includes in itself both teaching and testing frames and tries to teach action verbs with nominal forms.
The Institute has already prepared Recall Vocabulary and Common Vocabulary series. We hope that addition of this Pictorial Glossary Series will go a long way in making teaching and learning more enjoyable.
Dr. E. Annamalai
Central Institute of Indian Lanaguages.





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